Privacy Policy

We acknowledge the importance of protecting private information of our customers and therefore endeavor to obtain the appropriate level of personal information and handle and store it with the utmost care according to various legislation and guidelines, such as the Private Information Protection Law. In order to ensure this, we have set out a privacy policy, which we will dully follow.


1. Obtaining private information
We may request our customers to provide us directly or through our contracted companies ( agencies), with their personal information in the following circumstances;
○ Reservation/use of our hotel rooms
○ Reservation/use of our buffet restaurant Four Seasons
○ Reservation/use of our Japanese restaurant Subaru
○ Reservation, use and enquiries regarding our wedding, banquet, concert hall and other services
○ Answering a questionnaire for the purpose of improving our service or marketing
○ Application for various events organized by us
○ Placing orders for our commercial goods
○ Others (We will ask for the minimum information in case, where we need any personal information for other purpose after we explain clearly why and what we are looking for.)   



2. Use of private information

Private information provided by our customers will be used for the following purposes.   We will NOT use it for other purposes.
○ To ensure the above listed services are carried out properly.
○ To provide appropriate service to meet our customer’s wishes by looking into the service history of the individual customers.
○ To provide information regarding various new products, events and special offers of our hotel, restaurant, wedding, banqueting, concerts and cultural events.  
○To analyze answers to our questionnaires for the purpose of improving our service and marketing.  In this case, the information will be used solely for statistical analysis and will not be used for marketing to a specific customer.
○ We may use information for purposes other than the above, with the consent of the customer.


3. Protection and management of private information

We endeavor to properly manage our customer’s private information and pay very careful attention so that it will not be leaked.
○ We will try to prevent any inappropriate access to, loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of private information and take all necessary precautions for this. 
○ In case we contract out the handling of private information, we will ensure it is handled properly by carefully choosing a company with a good integrity for information handling and specify the way they handle private information with a contract etc.
○ We set out our own regulations about the handling of private information, dully follow them and keep improving them.


4. Disclosure of private information to a third party
We will not disclose private information obtained from our customers to any other third party except in the following circumstances.
○ The information is disclosed and provided in a format (such as in statistical data) which will not allow individuals to be recognized.
○ The information is disclosed and provided to the contracted party for the purpose of carrying out our services.
○ Consent is given beforehand by the customer concerned.
○ Laws and regulations require private information to be made available.


5. Legal obligations
We will comply with relevant laws and regulations and internal rules when handling private information.


6. Disclosure, correction and usage suspension of private information
We will be happy to disclose, correct or suspend the use of private information we may have for a customer if he/she directly contacts us at below.  Additionally, any enquiry should be made to the following contact address.

Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikan Tel: 082-243-8881

1st April 2010
General Manager
Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikan