Hotel services and amenities
Hotel services and amenities

 Hotel services and amenities

●Complimentary Services(available at the reception desk)
◆Plates and cutlery
◆Tea cups
◆Iron & ironing board
◆Wine glasses
◆Wine & bottle openers
◆JR train time table
◆Nail clipper
◆Baggage trolley
◆Thermometer & ice pillow
◆Extension electric cord
●Services available at the reception desk
◆Laundry & dry cleaning (not available on Sundays and holidays)
Same day service: items brought in before 10am will be returned at 6pm on the same day.
It will cost 315 yen for a shirt
◆Copying and fax
Copying: 21 yen for A4 size in black/white, 52 yen in colour
Fax: 168 yen for a sheet (168km or further away)
◆Computer rental
1,000 yen per night (only for use in your room)
●Services available at the automatic vending machines area on the 6th floor
◆Microwave ◆Drink vending machine
◆Ice machine (free)
●Services available in front of the elevator at 5th and 7th floor as well as at the vending machine area on the 6th floor.
◆VOD (Video On Demand) film service : 1,000 yen per service (from 12pm till 12pm the following day)