Facility Overview

The Hall

The Hall The Hall is ideal for a wide variety of performances such as classical music, ballet, and musical. The wide main stage is equipped with spacious wings making change of scenes easily. In addition, the orchestra pit is also available. The acoustics have been carefully designed, which ensures the stage performance is well matched with the music. The hall has 2001 of audience seats.

The Foyer

The Foyer On entering the hall, the bright and warm foyer welcomes visitors thanks to a glass wall on the right. Outside this wall is a café, where the audience can relax and enjoy  refreshments.  The souvenir shop in the foyer sells seasonal products.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms The dressing rooms provide the artists with space to prepare themselves for their performance and also to relax. Dressing Rooms 1 and 2 are fitted with showers, and there are 12 dressing rooms of various sizes available in total.

The Rehearsal Room

The Rehearsal Room Our rehearsal room is covered with a mirror on one of the walls and also fitted with a bar.  It is totally sound proof, suitable for ballet and orchestra practice.  This room is adequately spacious and has good acoustics, ideal for preparation of various performances.

Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikan can provide the following equipment to help with the performances.  Please feel free to discuss with us regarding the rental.

Equipment Rental

Item Qty Notes
Electric Kettles 2  
Thermo jars 4  
Water pitchers 2  
Flower vase 1  
Tables(60×180cm) 25 (15 in the foyer,10 in the dressing rooms)
Folding chairs 100 (50 in the foyer,50 in the dressing rooms)
Wheel chair 1  
Display panels 25 (180×120cm)
Panel stand legs 40  
Hanger racks 10  
Full length mirrors 9  
Humidifiers 3  
Air cleaners 2  
Cooling fans 4  
Clock 1  
Serving trays 4  
Cleaning kit 1  
Laundry machine 1  
Dryer 1  
Table cloths 10  
Refrigerator 1